Are you tired of men thinking they always know best? Are you tired of 'Nice Guys'? Are you tired of having to deal with misogyny on a daily basis? I'm tired of letting neckbeards get away with this and I'm not going to take it anymore. So neckbeards? You can all fuck off.


    Fuck Off, Bobby Franklin

    Georgia Republican Bobbby Franklin wants to change the wording of rape laws to redefine victims of rape as “accusers”.

    As a survivor, I find this positively revolting. It is hard enough when you are the victim of a sexual assault, but now to have the extra burden of being called an ‘accuser’? Let’s just add one more reason why a rape victim might not come forward to the police.

    It’s clearly not enough that:

    • a survivor might be afraid of retribution by the rapist
    • a survivor might be afraid they won’t be believed
    • a survivor might be afraid of reliving the assault by having to tell their story constantly
    • a survivor might be afraid of being re-victimized by the police
    • a survivor might be afraid of being stigmatized and having their virtue questioned

    Now let’s make sure that the survivor of a sexual assault has just one more thing to deal with by calling them an accuser.  Let’s imply that they are simply accusing someone of rape, leaving the strong possibility that they are lying.

    So, Bobby Franklin, as a survivor, as a woman, and more importantly - as a human being - I’d like you to fuck off.

    If you would like to personally tell Bobby Franklin to fuck off, you may contact his office by e-mailing him: or calling 404.656.0152 or writing him at 401 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
    Atlanta, Georgia 30334.


    I’d also like to add that I recently posted about the House Republicans wanting to redefine rape to ‘forcible rape’, discounting a number of assaults with that limited scope. I am pleased to say the language has been removed from the bill after considerable criticism, but the bill is still on the table so there’s still work to be done to protect the bodily autonomy of women.

    Source: The Huffington Post


    Fuck Off, House Republicans

    It’s only January, but the new Republican-controlled House is already obnoxiously redefining “rape” in pieces of legislation. Under their plan, only abortions from “forcible rape” would be eligible for government funding, instead of the much simpler “rape.”

    Hey Republicans, how about you stop trying to make decisions for American women?  How about you stop thinking you know best simply because you’re a bunch of rich, white, misogynists?

    The definition of rape is simple: WITHOUT CONSENT. No other qualifications or caveats.

    Here are a few key facts:

    • There is no legal term that qualifies what is ‘forcible rape’ and what is not.
    • The bill would only allow federally funded abortions for pregnant victims of incest under the age 18.  Adult survivors of incestuous rape? Sorry, too bad.
    • Statutory rape is often ‘non-forcible’ (whatever that means) and as such, a 14 year old being impregnated by a 30 year old rapist? No money for you.

    So House Republicans, why don’t you take this ridiculous, offensive bill and fuck off?

    Source: Gawker